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    Lake Stevens Garage Door Service is a company forcommercial, residential, agricultural and industrial garage doors. Our stuff would
    like to like to present you our work through our online photo gallery. By scrolling through our gallery you will learn more about our
    philosophy and of course all you need to know about garage doors and their gadgets. This part is dedicated to all the variations of
    garage doors and window types with interesting colors, patterns and materials that our company offers.
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    Garage Doors
    Maybe you aren’t sure about what garage door you should get or you just want to learn some information from the experts. Either way,
    Interior designers and engineers are in any time at your services so you can make the right decision. The money you spend on a brand
    new latest-technology garage door is important, therefore you better don’t spend them carelessly.Our experts will help you with
    decisions such as how to decide which garage door is best for you in terms of location, purpose, weather or style. We, Garage Doors
    Lake Stevens, enable you to pick from a huge range of garage doors, created by our specialists’ team. Of course, there are people
    who want to give their personal touch to their new garage door. For these people we offer an opportunity to design their own ideal
    garage door, by using our newest door/window models, dimensions, textures, hardware,colors and whatever is that you desire.
  • Lake Stevens Garage Door Service
    We Service Garage Doors
    Facing any problems with your old garage door? Relax and contact our experts’ team! We will be thrilled to repair your
    damaged door or if it’s needed replace it. If your garage door is off its tracks or maybe the opener got jammed, it will
    be a matter of time to be fixed by our team so you won’t have to worry about it.
Garage Door Service in Lake Stevens: (425) 209-0334

Garage Door Service Lake Stevens

New Door Installation

Our welcoming team is here to show you our varied collection in shapes, sizes and colors of garage doors and to make sure you will get the ideal garage door. Nothing gives our job more motivation than satisfied customers.

Garage Door Lake Stevens, WA

New Opener Installation

We, Lake Stevens Garage Doors, have one of the best experts’ team for installing your ultimate garage door openers. Belt driven openers such as chain and shaft driven openers are available for your garage door. Numerous remote control systems and wireless access control systems are also available.

Garage Door Service Lake Stevens

Garage Door Repair Lake Stevens

In case you face any problems while opening or closing your garage door don’t freak out. Our company, Garage Doors Lake Stevens, offer you a 24/7 experts team service, which can solve any problem efficiently andfast!Contact us and we’ll be at your house or business in no time!

Lake Stevens Garage Doors

You find yourself in need of an expert? You are not sure if you are choosing the right services? Lake Stevens Garage Door Service is here to help you. A team of specialized experts will be your guide through this journey of choosing the right garage door. Contact our team by calling or sending an email with the details of your situation and there is nothing else to worry about. You may need our flawless services, new garage doors or repair services plus installation, so don’t waste more time. Our team is composed of the best specialists of the state, in order to maintain the quality of our company by servicing all your needs in almost no time. Would you like to know us and our products better? Don’t hesitate and start browsing through our website to learn about garage door types and the newest garage door models, garage door openers, rail systems, remotes or visit our offices. Our company offers youspecific systems aimed for industrial use, in case you own a business. We are in charge of your security and privacy, so we make sure you are absolutely satisfied with your garage door and that it provides safety for your house or business.We, Lake Stevens Garage Doors, are proud to own the largest stock in the market. Our stock contains the latest automated garage door opener systems such as the safest security services for you and your loved-ones.

You feel it’s time to replace your old garage doors with new ones?Look no more! Our company replaces doors, rail systems and repairs remotes, openers etc. We, Garage Doors Lake Stevens, are your best option for all your garage door services.

If you have precise needs, you can fulfill them at Lake Stevens Garage Doors. Our job is to provide you with a plethora of services relating to your garage door requirements! The services we offer range from manufacturing and sporadic maintenance of your garage doorsto complete installation from the beginning. We are sure that our job is done correctly when we shake our clients’ hand with satisfaction!

Deciding which type of garage door you’ll buy according to your budget is more than reasonable. Garage Doors Lake Stevens understands that and offers you great prices. Here no one leaves disappointed, because we always manage to make the best deal.

Our policy is to offer full guarantee, no charges, for all of our services and products.Some of the services we provide are fixing problematic garage doors or parts after our garage door installation.

Only the best quality materials are used for all of our products and only the best and well-experienced engineers, work with us. Maybe you are a fan of modern styles or maybe you prefer a classic look. Either way, we are your people! A large gallery of aluminum doors for our modern style lovers or a huge selection of wooden doors for the classic ones is available at our company. Some things you need to know about aluminum are that it’s a quite flexible and lightweight material, which provides wind resistance and efficiency to your home.

A lot of our customers need thermal resistant garage doors and the only thing we hate is to them down. That’s exactly why we created thermal resistant garage doors for their sake! Garage doors with thermal resistance and insulation are now on stock. Our experts’ team will come to your house in order to update you about closure and insulation needs, proper materials for your garage door, opener systems, installation costs and all the alternative services you might find yourself needing. Lake Stevens Garage Doors is the best garage door company of the area of Lake Stevens, because it provides its’ costumers with the latest garage doors of the market, while being affordable. You save cash by purchasing the ideal garage door, could you think something better?

Garage Door Service in Lake Stevens

Who we are

Garage Doors Lake Stevens is a company, created by the best engineers and interior designers of the area. Our only goal is to maintain Lake Stevens a secure place for you and your loved ones. Our experienced team is in charge of that, so you know you can trust their work and feel safe that always there will be someone there to help you!


Being the owners of the latest materials in the market and having by our side an amazing experts’ team, we offer our customers the best it could be. A huge variety of garage doors, such as classy wooden garage doors or lighter aluminum ones, is on our list and we can’t wait to show you!


We provide garage doors with thermal insulation, since we are experts at the use of thermal insulation materials. What thermal insulation exactly promises is maximum thermal containment .


Our collection of openers is quite wide as well. The strong chain driven openers and the quiet belt driven openers, which are all equally capable of lifting the garage door of your liking, are the most commonly used. If the power goes off you should be prepared, by purchasing power suppliers. For your convenience, we offer some of the latest power suppliers in the market!

Affordable Service

Our policy is to offer the best products and services at the lowest prices possible, because money shouldn’t be spent for no good reason.

Reliable Services

Knowing your time is vital, we do our best to serve your needs as soon as we get your call or email.

Professional Services

We are a company, which is known for its excellent work and professionalism. The years of experience have shown our actual abilities and have made us the best garage door company of the area.

Clients Testimonials

  • Georges McCarty

    My family and I are very happy with Lake Stevens Garage Doors did at our house. The installation of our brand new garage door opener didn’t take a second. They performed such and extraordinary job! I would recommend them to anyone.

  • John Prince

    I thought that installing a garage door would take an eternity, but the specialists of Lake Stevens Garage Doors did the job in less than what you would expect.A totally recommendable company, responsible and really professionals.

  • Jessica Anderson

    I used to have very old garage door opener. I thought (wrongly) the only solution was replacing it, but the Lake Stevens Garage Doors advised not to do it, their people came over and repaired in less than second. Their advises are really useful.

Our Basic Services

If you find yourself in need of a new garage door for either your house or business, you came to the right place. Lake Stevens Garage Doors has everything you might need from experienced to almost all the latest tools in the market. Our specialistsare constantly willing to help. We, as a company, challenge ourselves by doing the best possible in the least amount of time. Here are our three crucial domains:

Garage Door Repair Lake Stevens

Lake Stevens Garage Door Installation

Installation is a piece of cake for us. We install all kinds, shapes and weights of garage doors straight to your residence or business! Contact our experts in case you want to know more about the materials we use or the brand of opener systems we prefer. Installation is a process, which includes access to control systems, remote controls and photocells.

Lake Stevens Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Repair Service

It’s not unusual for a garage door to get jammed or, if you had it a long time, broke. For that exact reason we provide you with garage door services, reasonably priced for everyone. Whenever it’s needed, give our experts a callso your garage door can work correctly in no time.Our goal is for you to stop wasting time and money and start earning quality time to spend with your loved-ones!

Lake Stevens, WA Lake Stevens Garage Door

Garage Doorn Lake Stevens

Express repair services are provided, for the ones who don’t want to waste their time waiting for their garage door to be fixed. We are proud for our experienced team, while is the best team for repairing broken springs, openers and off track garage doors. We are prepared for anything. Your garage door problems will be forgotten as soon as we get to your residence or business, since we have the latest tools of the market and on of the best engineer teams of the state.

Get Ready for Cutting Edge Garage Door Innovation

Your time is priceless, stop wasting it! You can use the form shown below or call the phone number placed at your right side and contact us.We will be pleased to solve your every problem or clear out any doubts you have.Right after we collect enough information, we will send you a quote explaining our requests.

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