Broken Springs

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Garage Door Broken Springs

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Maybe you find it difficult to make the opener system work or the springs to get going. If this describes you don’t look further! Lake Stevens Garage Door Repair offers you a selection of services, which will make your life easier. The repair of broken wings is a piece of cake for our experts. Garage Door Lake Stevens is one of the most secure and well-maintained Garage Door Companies of the area for this and other reasons!

But don’t be disappointed! Spring repairing it’s just one of all the repair services we offer. We are also able to reorganize the whole look of your garage if that is what your heart desires! The spring repair is a job that we know how to do and we do it well. You choose Garage Door Repair Lake Stevens because you know that spring repair or generally any garage door services should be accomplished by well-known experts. Spring repair won’t be an issue any longer!

Torsion Springs

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The materials, which are used for house garage doors tend to be on the low-quality side.So this is the reason why the torsion springs,which lift all the garage door weight, have a limited. They can last about 2 or 3 years, depends on their daily use. In conclusion, torsion springs are capable of being used for only a certain amount of times. After the surpass it, they break down.

If you start feeling your garage door has an issue, by maybe hearing weird noises or by noticing that the springs separate don’t think about it second time.This is the precise moment for your springs to be replaced. We know it sounds strange, but if only one of the springs is broken you are obligated to replace both of them.Our experts at Lake Stevens Garage Door are able of installing low cycle springs, which can last 3 years or so. You are also able to choose alternatives like high cycle springs. They will last longer and you won’t need to be concerned about them breaking soon. Unfortunately, companies, who claim their springs lasts a lifetime aren’t being honest with their customers. Springs cannot last a lifetime, regardless brand or price, they have an expiring date. In case your springs are damaged be careful not to open the garage door, because this action might make the damage even worse. Above all, never try to fix the springs yourself! It may seem not that hard, but your safety will be endangered either way. As an alternative, contact our experts’ team who will know precisely what to do and how to do it.

Extension Spring

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Extension springs are larger than torsion springs, have better stability and are commonly used for residences garage doors. For your information, when your garage door springs are broken it makes no difference if they are extension or torsion springs. Heard a snap, while opening the door? Right now it’s the moment to replace your springs or after a bit, the springs will collapse and the problem will be more time-consuming and pricy. The important part, however, is to have both springs calibrated at the same exact time so both sides can open and close simultaneously. Garage Door Lake Stevens is here to help you choose the most appropriate springs for your current garage or even assist you with your new garage door purchase! We are proud for being one the best garage door companies of the state, so stop looking. Lake Stevens Garage Door is your ultimate solution!

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